about pathos labs


In 2016, it had become evident that America was deeply polarized and subjected to more radicalization and divisiveness than ever before. The growing angst catalyzed empirical research and evidence showing how bifurcated and isolated we had become across political, racial, religious, and socioeconomic lines. Media and technology—tools of incredible power and scale—were reinforcing our isolated echo chambers and facilitating antagonism among those who represented different identities.

Meanwhile, incredible insights were emerging detailing how to most effectively overcome prejudice, identify and address our deeply seated implicit biases, and overturn popular and damaging stereotypes.

Pathos Labs was conceptualized to serve as a laboratory, where different media interventions, rooted in the latest research, would be tested to assess the role that media and technology can play in engineering new norms that predispose us to compassion over divisiveness, to nuance over oversimplification. Structuring Pathos as a laboratory gives us permission to dare greatly, where at the worst – we add to the body of knowledge, and at the best - we set a precedent for what’s possible.

In 2019, Pathos is engaging in a couple new experiments:

  1. A library of content used by diversity, equity, inclusion practitioners that most effectively rewires our biased associations.

  2. A long-form film (or series) that subversively encourages ideological transformation, and aims to illuminate the prejudices that exist within us all.

  3. A convening of some of the country's most notable researchers, academics, civic leaders - as well as - leading directors, producers, writers, to better understand how media can engineer new norms that encourages national reunification.

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